Important: please read!

No outside food, desserts, or beverages are allowed at the Chart House, regardless of the special occasion that brings you in!

Make a reservation

Overall, a reservation means that we will have a table for you. We do not have the ability to reserve specific tables in specific areas. For large groups, we will seat you next to each other, but the maximum table capacity is 8 people.

  1. Lunch, Brunch and Dinner Reservations - please pick a date and time using the link below:
    If a date or time is not available, then we do not have availability. It is not a mistake.
    Free Music (schedule posted on the website under Calendar) will be set up outside (weather permitting), or inside (bar lounge or dining room) depending on the number of reservations that day. We cannot tell you in advance where music will be set up as the weather changes without our consent :) and people make reservations all the time.
    Ticketed Music & Events other than Chart House Live: please make a reservation, your ticket and reservation are handled in one transaction. The ticket money goes to the performers, and does not cover food or beverages. We have tables of 4 and 8. If your party is less than 4 people, you may be seated with other people together.

  2. Bingo Reservations
    Bingo is played every Tuesday starting around 6pm. Typically games cost $20 for a pack of 10 cards, and one can purchase more packs or just individual game sheets. Bingo is run by Lakeville North Hockey Association, not Brianno's Chart House Restaurant. Bingo is held on the patio when the weather is nice, and inside otherwise. The decision as to where Bingo will be held is made around 5:30pm by the manager on duty. If you would like a reservation for Bingo just make a reservation for the patio or inside between 5 and 6pm, and you will be seated for Bingo. Finally, we do not know what the Bingo count is for next week. Reservations link

  3. Chart House Live Concert Tickets & Reservations
    These concerts are managed by Mick Sterling Presents. If you want a ticket please buy it on the website. When you do, you will be able to select your seat, which will be the same for dinner and the concert. Please do not use the restaurant website for reservations as it will not work. The ticket money goes to the performers and does not cover food or beverages. All tickets / reservations are done on the Chart House Live Website, which is managed by Mick Sterling Presents. Mick Sterling Presents handles all show questions, ticket refunds, changes, etc. Please contact them directly for any of these topics:
    All show listings and artist details are on this website as well.

Cancel a reservation

To cancel a reservation you have to create a free account in the reservations system (Table Agent) using the email address you used to make the reservation. Once you do, you will find all your reservations in there. Please use the link below to access Table Agent. Just reset the password and one will be emailed to you.

Please click here for Table Agent:

Phone & Email

Please try to use the Table Agent system first. If that does not work for you, you can email us and we'll get to your email during office hours or sooner if we can (due to labor shortages and ever rising wages there is no one available to answer the phone)

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